CAAHEP requires that all programs complete a Request for Accreditation Services form. This form must be completed by the institution and signed by the CEO or designated representative who has fiduciary authority. This form authorizes CAAHEP and the appropriate Committee on Accreditation (CoA) to work with the program and to provide accreditation services in accordance with the Standards, policies, and procedures of CAAHEP and the CoA.

This request to begin providing accreditation services is NOT an application. A program that is NOT currently CAAHEP accredited may not publicize in any manner that it has applied for CAAHEP accreditation until a self-study has been submitted and a site visit scheduled by the CoA-KT.  (Please refer to Policy 302 Public Use of CAAHEP Accreditation Status by Programs and Institutions. This policy can be found by clicking here for the CAAHEP Policy and Procedure Manual.)

The Request for Accreditation Services form is completed online, then submitted electronically (preferred) or mailed or faxed to the CoA-KT.

After the CoA-KT receives the Request for Accreditation Services form, the CoA-KT Administrative Officer (AO) will send a packet of information to the program director which will include the Self Study packet, a list of documents that need to be included as appendices, a list of documents needed to be available during the site visit and an invoice for the cost of accreditation services.  The AO and the Chairperson for the CoA-KT will be available to help the program through the process and provide sample documents to assist in the writing process.